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Fuzzy Low-Carb Math

How Do You Know if You're a Good Candidate for Low-Carb?

Thinking About Mad Cows

More on Trans Fat

Playing Catch-Up

Recommended Book

The Low-Carb Cookbook

The Low-Carb Cookbook


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The Good Fat Cookbook

The Good Fat Cookbook

The Good Fat Cookbook explodes the myth of low-fat eating as a healthy choice and explains why REAL fats that people around the world have eaten for centuries are extremely good for you. Everything from coconut, avocados, nuts, butter, olive oil, fatty fish, eggs, cheese, even bacon, have a role to play in your good health. Chocolate, too, because it has more antioxidants than any food yet tested.

Some Good Fat Chat  

A couple of interesting facts to get you started...

Trans-Fat-Free Foods  

A growing list of Trans-Fat-Free Foods...

Olives &
Olive Oil

A sample from The Good Fat Cookbook

Sample Recipes  

A couple of sample recipes from The Good Fat Cookbook

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